Artificial Intelligence will not Coexist with Human Intelligence


The robot wars have started with your wallet

Artificial intelligence is all the rage in customer support and sales, every company is looking to monetize on this this emerging trend. However, in the midst of this craze it seems like companies are losing track on what truly matters to customers - trust. Nobody (especially customers) wants to talk to a robot when they need help with their credit card. Would you ever trust a bot to buy anything over the phone? Sharing sensitive information with a machine that doesn't have a true identity to trace back to doesn't seem like a good idea. At least people can be tracked, they have proper identification and can be held responsible for their actions.

What is lost in this trending craze of robotic efficiency is what truly matters to us humans –remember us? Yeah, we are still making the purchasing decisions (for now). We still require the age old basic human needs that drive our wallets: trust, emotional connection, greater purpose and meaning.

Frankly robots don't provide any of this.

So as an industry of marketing, customer service, and advertising guru's or just as a part of humanity as a whole, we should either:

A: Find a way to evolve AI to make them more trustful and more human, so we can't tell the difference.


B: Integrate more science and research into the neuroscience of how we think so we can build better human connections with our customers.

You pick a path, but option 'A' will inherently erode on option 'B' - thus losing the humanity behind our purchasing decisions, and igniting more distrust between humans and robots.

Let this prototypical SciFi trope begin! However, I don't think John Conner will come back in time to save your declining profits.

- DB–R

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