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Typically scales your business' growth 2-3x within 6-months.

Strategy + Internet Marketing Specialties


Brand Strategy

This is about identifying the soft spots in your market; finding the next big innovation that changes the game; Using search data to leverage your customer psychographics; and positioning your brand to sufficiently communicate your competitive advantages to the right market in ways that engages, appeals, and fills shopping carts.


Inbound Marketing

Using marketing intelligence research about your industry to tap into the right industry specific channels that funnels qualified customer leads to your online communities, website, and landing pages. Once funneled, we use UX and A/B testing data to better optimize your conversion rate for a more profitable ROI.


Google Smart Technologies

As a Google expert, David specializes in using the digital marketing ecosystem (search algorithms and data ranking technology, content marketing, SEO, search engine marketing, and performance ads), for gaining inbound revenue and generating key insights about your customers to find new opportunities.


Notable Client Accounts

What Executives Are Saying...

“Dave took us from a struggling one-course coding school to a very viable soon-to-be 6-course operation with all the hallmarks of becoming something truly great.”
— CEO Tom F. | DaVinci Institute
David is an expert at his craft. He is very knowledgeable in building brands. There are many marketing aspects that I would have overlooked without David’s help. He has been an invaluable resource to my firm.
— Principal Agent, Paul S. | Denver Insurance
David is a rare energetic talent. I was particularly impressed with David’s enthusiasm, responsiveness and creative ideas. He was such a pleasure to work with and always kept us smiling.
— Principal CPA, Barb C. |Clausen & Associates, PC
“Our gross sales are the highest ever. We sold boats all the way to Wisconsin and had leads across the country. Basically we shifted all advertising dollars we had been spending on traditional means and allocated them to our site. It’s working and we are doing stuff that other boat dealers have no clue about. It’s super cool!
— Tracy W. | Valley Marine Boat Dealers

David is one of the most respected brand strategists and digital marketing consultants in Colorado.


He is constantly looking to hone his skills, working in building gamification brand strategies, web design, UX, and lead gen.  He also prides himself on building an invaluable network of skilled partners to provide the most cutting-edge performance in digital marketing that Colorado has ever seen.



David has a background + education in brand strategy, marketing, and creative direction. He has carved a reputation in advancing DaVinci Coders and the DaVinci Institute (His favourite futurist think tank) within the last few years.



David works as a digital marketing director for one of the foremost emerging internet marketing agencies in Colorado, Nuclear Networking. He and his team works to crack algorithms in SEO, Adwords and other Google technologies. 



There's no greater rebellion in existence than the future. Rebellious in nature, David seeks to push boundaries and work with clients who are interested in using gamification, and new technology to increase their brand engagement .


did you know ?

David devised one of the first successful coding bootcamp marketing plans in the world, which later became a template for marketing coding bootcamps, everywhere.


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