David is one of the most respected brand strategists and digital marketing consultants in Colorado.


He is constantly looking to hone his skills, working in building gamification brand strategies, web design, UX, and lead gen.  He also prides himself on building an invaluable network of skilled partners to provide the most cutting-edge performance in digital marketing that Colorado has ever seen.



David has a background + education in brand strategy, marketing, and creative direction. He has carved a reputation in advancing DaVinci Coders and the DaVinci Institute (His favourite futurist think tank) within the last few years.



David works as a digital marketing director for one of the foremost emerging internet marketing agencies in Colorado, Nuclear Networking. He and his team works to crack algorithms in SEO, Adwords and other Google technologies. 



There's no greater rebellion in existence than the future. Rebellious in nature, David seeks to push boundaries and work with clients who are interested in using gamification, and new technology to increase their brand engagement .


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David devised one of the first coding bootcamp marketing plans in the world, which later became a template for marketing coding bootcamps, everywhere.


Current Client Banwidth